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Every business needs one – size doesn’t count.  No really, it doesn’t.  Established businesses, or brand spanking new ones, regardless of the industry, all need a brand identity.  Investing in a little strategic thinking here will go a long way in ensuring you build the correct foundation for many years to come.


What is a Brand? It’s your logo, your corporate identity, the product name, the bit of your business that everyone sees. It’s that ‘thing’ that differentiates you from everyone else. It’s the first thing your customers will see about you, and hopefully remember, and it says so much about your business, before you’ve even opened your mouth.  Think stationary, email signatures, business cards, your company logo or product branding…pretty much everything that has your mark on it.


Let us create your brand and develop one from scratch, or help you mould your existing one into something memorable.

Let’s crinc it.


Do you know who your customers are and where to find them?


Do you want new customers or do you want to simply get more from your current customer baseOur marketing strategies will help you with all of this (and more).


We will strategically look at the environment that you operate in, who your competitors are, help you clearly define your marketing objectives, challenges and risks and help you find that all important gap in the market to reach your customers.

The first part is having a solid, well thought out marketing plan.

The second part is executing it well. This is our specialty. (Part one and two. Like Ying and Yang. Like Ice-cream and chocolate sauce.)



Our specialist network of partners will assist with…all your marketing stuff.  But here’s a short list to get you thinking:

  • Marketing Materials of any kind: brochures, business cards, advertisements, magazines, promotional items and corporate gifts, sales materials, branding, stationary, newsletters and whole lot more


  • Websites: let us create one from scratch, or update your existing one.  We can refresh your website to give it a new spin and assist with basic search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media integration



  • Social Media: Feel like the only twit who’s not on Twitter or ‘Like-ing’ stuff on Facebook? Don’t panic, we promise you’re not.  In fact, if you’re reading this you’re half way there – let us show you the basics so you can poke till your fingers hurt



  • Direct Marketing: emailers, database building, newsletter creation and management, digital magazines (custom made to suit your industry)


  • Public Relations: strategy and planning, copy writing, press releases, events


  • Sponsorship and Corporate Social Investment: evaluation, section and implementation of project to best suit your marketing strategy.


We have experience in all types of media channels, and love a good list, so here are some that we work with:

  •  Magazines, newspapers, newsletters, billboards, street pole ads, TV, radio, podcasts,  electronic, out of home…the list is endless and actually too long to fit into this section.  


If it’s out there, we can probably do it.  But if we can’t – we’ll tell you.  We’re honest like that.

Let’s crinc it.


Get some expert advise to assist with creating or building your brand.  We’re experienced and affordable.


New to marketing?  A new business or brand? Has your company grown and things have really taken off? Let us get involved and outsource your marketing to us. We can take care of it all (big and small) and will execute your marketing plans like a team of synchronised swimmers. (Bikini’s are optional, and cost a little more, but so worth it!).

Or if you already have a team in place, let us offer some fresh thinking or work with your team temporarily, as and when you need us. We are happy to assist with projects where you might need some extra marketing muscle.  We can save you on headcount and a non-permanent resource might be just what you need when someone goes on maternity leave or takes time off. We are available to fit into your business – INVOLVE US.


We have kick start packages available for small businesses or large corporate companies and will tailor make a solution to fit your budget.

First meeting is FREE

Invite us over for a cup of coffee to chat about the best solution for you. Our fees depend completely on how much time or expertise you need from us. As long as you don’t charge us for the caffeine, we won’t charge you for our first meeting.

Let’s crinc it together.


We have a network of specialist who are ready to do marketing stuff.  But the brains behind crinc is Nadine Damen.


I have spent more than 12 years working in the marketing industry and developed a specialty for building brands that have a strong customer focus.

The tourism industry exposed me to many sectors and I have worked on both ‘Business-to-Business’ (B2B) and ‘Business-to-Consumer’ (B2C) brands. I launched and looked after arguably one of South Africa’s most recognised brands,  My time as their Marketing Manager was spent on building awareness, interest and affinity for the brand, but most importantly, generating ROI or getting ‘bums on seats’!

I had the opportunity to work with other partners and gained exposure in many industries including the financial services sector, hospitality industry, retail environments (with a special focus on web and digital), loyalty and rewards sector, and the cellular industry.

I’m also a proud Member of the Marketing Association of South Africa


Let’s chat about how I can crinc your business and put your brand in the space where your customers are.

Get your people to call my people and lets do lunch!  (I’m in the Jo’burg area).


email me on:

Contact me on: 082 801 0289

Follow me on Twitter @NadineDamen



And if you’d like to take a look at my fresh point of view about Marketing, Brands, Ideas, Advertising, and everything in between, read my blog.


Lemme crinc it.


This is were we pull out our green pens and act like Auditors, but without the clipboards and calculators.


For businesses that have been around for a bit, or newbies that need an insight into what their competitors are up to (from a marketing point of view).  Double check your marketing efforts and ensure all your communication, internally and externally, and all your marketing materials are communicating the right messages and all saying the same thing.

CHECK YOUR BRAND involves doing an Internal Audit of all your current marketing efforts.

Often over time your brand will evolve but your marketing doesn’t keep up.  You could land up with many different views of the same product or service and without even noticing it, you could be confusing your customers. We will do a 360° review of all the elements that make up your brand and help you freshen up where you need to.


CHECK THEIR BRAND will give you a view of what your competitors are up to.

It’s an external audit of how your customers view your competitors, from a marketing point of view.  It will also highlight weaknesses in their marketing efforts and allow you to capitalise on this.  If competitive reviews are done regularly, you will discover industry trends and easily identify ways to shape your marketing to yield the best results.


“Strategic marketing is all about communicating creatively and cohesively”, said someone clever. Oh wait, that was us.


Let’s crinc it.


Let's create a marketing solution that suits you. Every business and brand needs something unique and that's where our expertise will really come in handy. A quick kick off meeting will help us decide exactly what you need, and give me an opportunity to tailor make a plan to reach your objectives. And besides, no matter how cool this website is, it will never really compare to a face to face meeting with me. I do all my own stunts and my first coffee is free (as long as you're buying). Come on, get in touch.

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A fresh/vrot (you decide) point of view about Marketing, Brands, Ideas, Advertising and everything in between. Perfect for people wanting to look smart and have marketing insight. And especially great for people who don't do marketing as their day (or night) job. Also very good for conversation starters at the braai. (The blog blocks below slide from side to side - nice huh?)


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